Recycling old paper in recycled paper consumes 2-5 times less energy and water and emits 30% less CO2. It is also possible to transform paper into paper bricks to replace char coal bricks. Nowadays, an equivalent of a football terrain is necessary to produce char coal for 10 families for a year. It is important to preserve our forests.



The solution we are suggestion here takes the shape of a brick made out of wet paper or cardboard, pressed and dried. It makes an excellent burning material for stoves.






How to make it

Step one: papier_briquette_2

Buy a paper press, for example on




papier_briquette_3Step two: 

Rip the paper in small pieces and fill a bucket full of water. Let them soak for at least 3 days.

Drain the paper and place it in the press. Press hard.



Papier maché

Step three:

Let the brick dry and use it as burnable material instead of char coal.




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