Glass does not pollute our environment, but its fabrication needs a lot of energy and its recycling avoids more than 500kg of CO2. Glass can also hurt humans and animals if thrown away into nature. It is important to recycle glass, as it is infinitely recyclable. If you cannot recycle, here is another solution.



Make glass sand.





How to make it

sable_verre_5Step one:

Collect glass and grind it with a glass grinder you can buy to achieve this, as for example on



sable_verre_1Point two: 

Replace the use of traditional sand with glass sand to produce for example cement in construction works.




sable_verre_3Point three: 

You will get better cement than by using sand from the sea. You can see in the photo that the cement made from sea sand is rapidly degrading.




Point four:

Sand protects the land from erosion. Protecting the sea sand means also protecting the land along the sea.




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