Hard plastic

All plastics are made from oil. With time, they fragment and generate micro-particles which will end up in the food chain.



plastique_durGrind plastic to make new objects.






How to make it

plastique_dur_1Step one:

Collect, separate and cash plastic pieces.




plastique_dur_2Step two:

Separate plastic by type and colours.




Step three:

Then it needs to be ground, in order to obtain small granules.





Step four:

Put them in big bags.




plastique_dur_6Step five:

Place them in an extruder which will allow to create divers objects as shown in the following examples.




plastique_dur_5Trash bin bags:

Make colored trash bins.




plastique_dur_8School Material:

rulers, set square etc…




plastique_dur_7And even bottom pieces for chairs

You can also use bottle lids to make chair leg covers.




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